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Shri Ganesh Rai Post Graduate College
Dobhi, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
Teaching Staffs

Science Faculty
Chemistry Department
  1. Dr. Mohd. Hafiz Ansari - (Associate Professor)-(9451478925)
Mathematics Department
  1. Dr. Gyan Prakash Tripathi - (Assistant Professor and H.O.D.)-(9450873110)
Zoology Department
Botany Department
  1. Dr. Harsh Vardhan Singh - (Associate Professor and H.O.D.)-(9450010799)
  2. Dr.(Smt.) Poonam Singh - (Assistant Professor) -(9415893801)
Physics Department
  1. Dr. Anil Kumar Singh - (Assistant Professor and H.O.D.)-(9450339841)
Computer Department
  1. Sri Subhradip Chakravarti - (Assistant Professor and H.O.D.)-(9415816937)
Arts Faculty
Political Science Department
  1. Dr. Praveen Kumar Singh - (Associate Professor and Secretary)-(7705055555)
  2. Dr. Vinod Kumar Yadav - (Assistant Professor)-(9810226204)
  3. Dr. Chandra Shekhar Srivastava - (Assistant Professor)-(9451890821)
  4. Dr. Saumitra Singh -(Assistant Professor)-(9838463034)
  5. Dr. Kalpana Singh -(Assistant Professor)-(9452977700)
Defence & Strategic Studies Department
  1. Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra - (Associate Professor)-(9452765894)
  2. Dr. Ram Krishna Singh - (Associate Professor)-(9450538403)
Hindi Department
  1. Dr. Madhup Kumar - ( Associate Professor and H.O.D. )-(9450173566)
Geography Department
  1. Dr. Anand Singh - (Associate Professor and H.O.D.)-(9415653234)
  2. Dr. Ravindra Kumar Pandey - (Assistant Professor)-(9839832485)
Sanskrit Department
  1. Dr. Pratap Kumar Mishra - (Associate Professor and H.O.D.)-(9415697016)
Economics Department
  1. Dr. Rama Shanker Singh - (Associate Professor and H.O.D.)-(9415653699)
  2. Dr. Heera Lal Singh - (Assistant Professor)-(9451710899)
Sociology Department
  1. Dr.(Smt.) Sarita Singh - (Associate Professor and H.O.D.)-(9450240627)
English Department
  1. ...
History Department
  1. Dr. Praveen Kumar Tripathi - (Assistant Professor)-(9415803728)
  2. Dr. Vinod Singh - (Assistant Professor)-(8004488488)
  3. Dr. Dileep Kumar Mishra - (Assistant Professor)-(9454818677)
  4. Dr. Satish Chandra Singh - (Assistant Professor)-(9838462627)
  5. Dr. Anand Kumar Singh - (Assistant Professor)-(9838323963)
Psychology Department
Education Department
  1. Dr. Rajendra Prasad - (Associate Professor and H.O.D.)-(9415868871)
  2. Dr. Rajendra Kumar Jaisawal-(9453370907,7355679102)
Physical Education Department
Home Science Department
  1. Dr.(Smt.) Saroj Singh -(Assistant Professor and H.O.D.)-(9415991379)
  2. Dr.(Smt.) Sweta Rai - (Assistant Professor)
B.Ed. Faculty
  1. Dr.(Smt.) Kumud Tripathi - (Assistant Professor and H.O.D.)-(9415898379)
Commerce Faculty
  1. Dr. Brijendra Kumar Singh - (Associate Professor and H.O.D.)-(9450083546)
  2. Dr. Alok Singh - (Associate Professor)-(9839354613)
  3. Dr. Aman Kumar - (Assistant Professor)-(9616723038, 8707564368)
Office Management
  1. Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh - (Assistant Professor)
Agriculture Faculty
  1. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh - (Assistant Professor & H.O.D.)-(9451922892)
  2. Dr. Nihal Khan -(Assistant Professor)-(9450031738)
  3. Dr. Om Prakash Singh-(Assistant Professor)-(9450356974)
  4. Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh -(Assistant Professor)-(9984761426)
  5. Dr. Rakesh Singh-(Assistant Professor)-(9454155518)
  6. Dr. Ajay Kumar Yadav-(Assistant Professor)-(9415699975)
SGRPG College

Dobhi, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh.
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College Location

DOBHI, is the name of a famous village where college is situated. Dobhi is situated at the junction point of Jaunpur, Ghazipur and Varanasi District. It is about 34 km from Varanasi, Cantt railway station.
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